big brother, where art thou?
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big brother, where art thou? (transient noises & selected nostalgia)

limited edition demos, and highlights from the glass CD...

if you've seen us play live recently, you know that the majority of the music on our CD is not represenative of what we do in a live setting... while recording our second full length, we realized that we have too much material for just one album... as a result, we're taking demos and outtakes from the current sessions and combining then with the instrumental tracks from (:as seen through a thin sheet of glass) and releasing them as one double ep (circles and father john we originaly slated to be their own release, before ending up on '') this will be a limited edition release, to bridge the gap until the release of the new CD...
here's the track listing:
1. serenity (now!) (from the glass cd)
2. dreaming of outside (4 track demo of song intended for the new album)
3. bells (c.1984) (new exclusive track)
4. the fabric of our lives (alternate version of song intended for new album...)
5. circles for the blind (from the glass cd)
6. father john (hidden track on the glass cd)

to order, email:

available only until the release of the upcoming full length, '(hope lies) beyond these white walls'